I'll never forget...

My husband and I sat in our rocking chairs uninterrupted (a rare moment indeed). I had just poured my heart out about how unhappy I was with life. My job was incredibly stressful. We never got to spend time together. I missed my kids.... I wanted freedom and I wanted to live in a pretty place away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

He and I had discussed many times about moving to a log cabin in the woods. The dream sounded so right and waiting was getting harder.

I had enough...

Resolved, I looked at my husband and asked, "When are we going to start living the life we dream of and stop just talking about it."

I couldn't fathom living another 20 years in the chaotic life we led just to experience our dream "someday." After losing both of my parents before they retired I learned my lesson - there is no guarantee of someday.

We did it! And so can you...

The best decision we ever made was relocating, but even more significantly was pulling away from the corporate life to build a business that allows us to truly live the slow - paced meaningful life we longed for. 

Now, I am motivated to help others, like you, to live an unplugged lifestyle without compromising your families income and way of living. You can be location independent and have fun with your family while still earning a living!

Ready for Freedom?

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2 Ways I Help You Transform

Online Business: I help people monetize their passion. I LOVE online business and marketing. After spending 20 years in sales and marketing and investing hours of my time and oodles of dollars in my education, I can take my years of experience and help you escape your 9 to 5 grind by building an online business.

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Personal Freedom: When I was 19 I began working with a thought coach, well before coaching was even an industry! Since then I have been on a deep personal and spiritual journey. I have a gift for helping people align with their Highest Self so they can experience themselves as the limitless beings they are.

Leveraging the science of quantum physics, the power of mindset and the 'nurturing tasks' that have helped me go from a chronic-worrier-people-pleasing-self-depricating-woman to a confident-faith-led-woman that LOVES myself & loves life. 

If building a business is not what you are seeking, but you do want to feel more confident and happier schedule our conversation. Our first transformational call is complimentary!