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You're working hard to be the best version of yourself. You meditate, read, set intentions, and do your best to hold yourself to higher standards. But,

  • Phone notifications, school pick ups, and nagging commitments have you changing hats constantly.

  • You often dream of tossing your phone out the window and taking the afternoon to just uhhh, what's that word again? Oh yeah, RELAX!

  • You and your spouse  feel like ships passing in the night

  • “Mom Guilt” hits hard  when your kids want to spend time with you, but life is too busy having it's way with you for you to honor them!

  • Oh and that hobby you’ve been longing to get to??... Spoiler Alert: It’s not happening this year!


If that sounds about right, then you're in the right place.

Imagine how it would feel to...

Feel in control of your day, your emotions, and your life!

☞ Live authentically doing what you love!

☞Have time for people you love and experiences you desire!

Why does life feel so heavy sometimes?

Our childhood experiences and the world around us can leave us feeling lost and powerless. But, what if I told you that you hold within you all the power and wisdom you need to live a joyful, confident, and fulfilling life? That's the truth! As a seasoned guide on the path to self-discovery, I've learned the tools and techniques to help you tap into the inner strength and wisdom that already exists within you. Don't let past experiences and societal pressures keep you from living your best life. I am here to walk alongside you and help you reclaim your power and discover the truth within. Together, we can transform your life into one filled with joy, confidence, and purpose. If that vision involves an online business join me in the Freedom Business Builders Facebook Community!

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Hi, I'm Lindsay...

a Personal & Business Coach on a mission to empower you to live your best life. With a passion for personal growth and a bold approach to life, I left my corporate job and city life for a homestead in the rural countryside to raise my family. Driven by a deep understanding of the importance of chasing one's dreams, I dedicated over 20 years to overcoming childhood trauma and mastering my mindset and building an online business. In my free time, I can be found hiking, camping, horseback riding, and embracing the beauty of nature. My experience and direct approach make me the perfect guide for people seeking to live a more meaningful life unapologetically without waiting for someday!

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2 Ways I Help You Transform

Online Business: I help people monetize their passion. I LOVE online business and marketing. After spending 20 years in sales and marketing and investing hours of my time and oodles of dollars in my education, I can take my years of experience and help you escape your 9 to 5 grind by building an online business.

Join me in the Freedom Business Builders Free Facebook Community to access free trainings! 

Personal Freedom: When I was 19 I began working with a thought coach, well before coaching was even an industry! Since then I have been on a deep personal and spiritual journey. I have a gift for helping people align with their Highest Self so they can experience themselves as the limitless beings they are.

Leveraging the science of quantum physics, the power of mindset and the 'nurturing tasks' that have helped me go from a chronic-worrier-people-pleasing-self-depricating-woman to a confident-faith-led-woman that LOVES myself & loves life. 

If building a business is not what you are seeking, but you do want to feel more confident and happier schedule our conversation. Our first transformational call is complimentary!

Abra Chinaurd

When I first started working with Lindsay I felt so stuck in life. I had an abundance of dreams and goals, but I lacked motivation because I was so exhausted by life's chaos. Everything felt heavy, but after working with her for only 12 weeks I rediscovered my joy. I am so grateful we connected.

Elysa Austin

Lindsay has helped me feel empowered. I've gained strength and confidence and have been able to face difficult family members and challenging situations because of her coaching and advice. I highly recommend her!  

Emily Tornatore

I had an incredible session with Lindsay gathering content for a new program I'm developing as well as blog content. She was amazing on picking up topics just from me talking about my business. She is very easy to talk to, has amazing questions that leads you in the right direction and really listens to what you are saying or don't even know that you are saying. I would highly recommend Lindsay. What an incredible investment in my business!

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Ignite the power of positivity with 'Color Your Way to a New You' coloring book! Immerse yourself in a world of affirmations and meditations, handpicked to help you tap into your Highest Self and live a joyful, abundant, and happier life. With each coloring page, let your mind relax and open up to receive transformative messages that will stay with you for a lifetime. Subscribe to the accompanying podcast meditations and you'll deepen your self-discovery journey like never before. Elevate your mindfulness and creativity with this unique combination of art and inspiration.

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